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"Well, do you remember when you and Barbie danced just before I left for Austin last time? Sort of like the way we danced tonight, only more so?" "Yes, baby, I remember." "Daddy, I was jealous of Barbie. I was jealous of how she held you so close, of how aroused she was. Seeing the two of you act like that bothered me. It bothered me sexually." "Gee, baby, I'm sorry. After all, it was you who got us to dance together." "Oh, no, Daddy, I'm not scolding you. What happened was perfectly natural. After all, Momma has been dead for over two years, and you're bound to have needs and drives that need to be satisfied. No, that wasn't what bothered me. What bothered me was...uh, well...I wished it had been me rather than Barbie." There wasn't anything I could say that could properly respond to her statement. I wanted to say, "Oh, God, Barbie, I wish it had been you, too," but this was my daughter I was talking to. I didn't know where she would take the conversation from there, and I sure didn't want to embarrass her or offend her. Instead, all I said was "umm-hmm," urging her to continue. "What's made it worse," she continued, "is that I've talked with Barbie. Daddy, she told me what she did to you."
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"That was the most beautiful dance I have ever seen" Daryl said once he gained his composure. Dean, with sweat in his forehead bluntly agreed. Olivia ran towards them. After kissing her father she straddled one of Dean's legs, facing him. It was a warm day and Dean, wearing shorts, immediately realized that Olivia's pussy was in skin-to-skin contact with his exposed leg. Feeling her moist pussy against his hairy leg was making his cock leak. To his surprise, when he wrapped around his arms around her one hand went under her dress and was resting in Olivia's right butt cheek. He just turned to his brother asking for help and approval. Daryl, just gave him a smile and nodded in approval. "The two of you got hard" Olivia exclaimed with excitement. "That's because we both found your dance very beautiful and sensual." Dean said giving her a soft kiss on her lips. "`Can I see your penis uncle Dean?" "We are going skinny dipping in a little while and then you can see it darling. Dean replied. "Yeeeeeeh! Was all she said taking her dress off to reveal her naked body to the two men still sitting in the couch.
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Barry wanted to never take his cock out of that pleasurable pussy. With feelings like that coming over his cock he didn't ever want it to stop. But his last wad had sapped him and now his prick too had shrunk and he felt it plop out of the warmth to lie softly on his thigh. He rolled over on the side of the bed and collapsed. Bonnie had never felt so good in her life. Those two plunging cocks had sent her to mars and back. When Barry's dick slid out of her pussy she was a little disappointed, but she knew that there would be other times. She slid down off of Brad's dick and lay between his legs. She looked at his now shrunken dick. It was all covered with his and her juices. It looked so cute laying there against his thigh. She gently reached out and ran her fingers over it. Then she snaked out her tongue and licked it. It tasted good. She had tasted her own come before and she liked the way this tasted mixed with hers. She put the soft cock in her mouth and cleaned it all off with her tongue. But it was still lifeless. She reached over to Barry and saw his prick was the same so she quickly slipped his into her mouth and gave it a thorough tongue lashing also. It tasted like sweet nectar. But no matter how much she tried it would not rise to the occasion. She knew that both boys would sleep good tonight. She quietly slipped out of her bed, picked up her night shirt and walked down the hall to the boys room where upon she climbed into one of the beds and dropped quickly off to sleep. The Twins - Chapter 6 I was a warm summer afternoon. The sun was gradually making it's way to it's setting and there was a slight breeze. There was a low moaning sound coming from a group of bushes in the woods about a mile behind Brad and Barry's house. When Barry first heard these intimate sounds he wanted to walk right in there and see who was at the center of those seductive sounds. But he had learned that it might be better for him if he quietly snuck up and peeked on whoever it was that seemed to be enjoying themselves so much.
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JODI - 'Indeed I was, Mum, and a right filthy cunt he is too. He was the one who really got me into Watersports as it goes, amongst other things. And he's Bi.' KIRSTY - 'Really? Sounds as if he'll fit right in. So what about his Sister? I take it you fuck her as well?' JODI - 'Yea, of course I do. I've been fucking her ever since we met, over a year ago now. And she also knows I've fucked Max, (19) and is cool with it. And she also said she wouldn't mind fucking my Brother if she had the chance, just to even things up!' KIRSTY - 'Sounds fair to me. And why did your Mum say you were fucking him? If he's that good, why would you stop?' JODI - 'Ha, Ha! I didn't stop as such, Kirst, but after fucking on and off for a couple of months I was starting Uni and he was going travelling, and although he got back about a month ago I was still at Uni, and as I haven't seen Carla since I got back, cos I've been too busy fucking my Family, I haven't even thought about calling him. Not until now, anyway.' RACHEL - 'Well in that case, that's our way in. We'll invite them over next week, because we've got plenty to keep us going for now, after you've told Carla she can fuck Paul of course, and you've also dropped one or two hints about what we've been getting up to, and then we'll just let things develop from there. And what about their Mum? Didn't you tell me she's become a right Slut since her divorce, and has even fucked one or two of Carla's Lovers?'

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